Point one
Notification of the change of the name of the company

Dear business partners,

allow us to inform you in good advance that the company BRONSWERK HEAT TRANSFER spol. s r. o. with the registered office in the Czech Republic will change from 1 January 2019 the name of the company into BENVIG HEAT TRANSFER spol. s r. o..


With effect from such date the name and logo of our company will change, thus we will replace the trade mark BRONSWERK HEAT TRANSFER with the trade mark BENVIG HEAT TRANSFER.

 We assure you that except the name of the company and the logo, nothing changes in our existing cooperation.

The Id. no., address, production program, scope of services, team and obviously quality grounded in the long time experience and references will remain intact.

As you surely know, in the year 2016, our company was bought from the former Dutch owner by the current owner, the investment company Jet Investment. Just that moment also constituted the onset of the process of rebranding – the right to the time-limited use of the name BRONSWERK HEAT TRANSFER spol. s r.o. will actually expire at the end of this year.

The Investment Company Jet Investment administers German, Austrian, Czech, Slovak and Polish companies aimed at traditional as well as modern industrial branches, with a total sales amount of EUR 334 million and the total EBITDA of EUR 29 million. Through such companies, it currently employs 3 300 employees.


We are looking forward to further cooperation with you!


Dipl.-Ing. Pavel Klement

General Director of the Company

Czech Republic (Headquarters)

Bronswerk Heat Transfer, spol. s.r.o.
Děčínská 288
Benešov nad Ploučnicí, 407 22
Czech Republic (map)

Phone: +420 412 590 511
Phone: +420 412 590 515 (Sales Department)
Phone: +420 412 590 550 (Purchasing Department)
Fax: +420 412 586 360
Email: info@bronswerk.cz | sales@bronswerk.cz

IČO: 14867125
DIČ: CZ14867125

Czech Republic (Branch office)

Bronswerk Heat Transfer, spol. s.r.o.
Kolbenova 882/5a
Praha 9, 190 00 (floor 3)
Czech Republic (map)

Phone: +420 234 256 403


OOO Bronswerk Heat Transfer
Odesskaya str., 2 (Building C)
Office Centre LOTOS (Floor 13)
117 638 Moscow
Russia (map)

Phone: +7 495 641 95 55
Fax: +7 495 641 95 54
Email: info@bronswerk.ru