Bronswerk Heat Transfer specializes in the process of the design, fabrication, supply and construction of the systems and various pieces of equipment for industrial heat transfer solutions (especially complete industrial cooling circuits, complete industrial condensing circuits, e.g. for steam turbines, etc.).

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has a long tradition in the industry and has been active in the market for over a quarter of century. The company provides its supplies worldwide.Bronswerk Heat Transfer can offer an optimum solution for customer problems meeting their individual wishes.

The most important industries where the company supplies its equipment include, particularly, the following:

Point one
Oil Refinery
Point two
Petrochemical (Oil & Gas) and the Chemical Industry
Point three
Power/Heat Generation Industry
Point four
Gas Industry
Point five
Energy from Waste (incl. Biomass)



Maintenance services

In the framework of its activity Bronswerk Heat Transfer also provides services - maintenance activities, instalation services, inspection activities and consultancy services.

Inspections of exchangers, machines and their accessories, troubleshooting and detecting inconsistencies
Proposal of modifications and optimizing the existing systems
Pressure testing
Mechanical and chemical cleaning of exchangers
Replacement of parts and repairs

Czech Republic (Headquarters)

Bronswerk Heat Transfer, spol. s.r.o.
Děčínská 288
Benešov nad Ploučnicí, 407 22
Czech Republic (map)

Phone: +420 412 590 511
Phone: +420 412 590 515 (Sales Department)
Phone: +420 412 590 550 (Purchasing Department)
Fax: +420 412 586 360
Email: info@bronswerk.cz | sales@bronswerk.cz

IČO: 14867125
DIČ: CZ14867125

Czech Republic (Branch office)

Bronswerk Heat Transfer, spol. s.r.o.
Kolbenova 882/5a
Praha 9, 190 00 (floor 3)
Czech Republic (map)

Phone: +420 234 256 403


OOO Bronswerk Heat Transfer
Odesskaya str., 2 (Building C)
Office Centre LOTOS (Floor 13)
117 638 Moscow
Russia (map)

Phone: +7 495 641 95 55
Fax: +7 495 641 95 54
Email: info@bronswerk.ru